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Thirteen years ago The Last War ended in atomic fire, and in the aftermath the Four Horsemen rode across the world at the head of a hoard of demons and the undead.

The years is 2094, and you are some of those who survive, trying to take the Wasted West back from the horrors of the Reckoning, at the point on gun if you have to.

Radroach Radio Theatre will start up on Friday nights in a few weeks once Lester has finished running Star Trek.

It will be a Deadland: Hell on Earth game, and the first session will be a character creation evening followed by some light board games if we have time.

Deadlands is an action horror game set in a post-apocalyptic, alternate history, future, wild west.

Cultural Touchstones

Hell on Earth draws on a melange of sources, it takes the basic influences of classic Deadlands with the overriding style of the whole Deadlands setting heavily influenced by westerns in both the classic and spaghetti sub-genres. It then lays on-top a substantial slice of b-movie horror in the form of the walking dead, malignant demons, and psycho-slashers.

Hell on Earth shoves the elements of the classic setting into a blender with the themes of post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction.

Good references in fiction for the Hell on Earth setting are

  • The Fallout series – Fallout is set a much longer time after the bombs fell, but the feel of the post-nuclear wasteland, the improvised technologies, and the ragtag communities that arise is a good starting point.
  • Planet of the Apes – The classic 70’s movie series (“You blew it all up! You Maniacs! You blew it all to HELL!”), especially Beneath the Planet of the Apes with its subterranean dwelling psychic mutants, worshipping an atomic bomb. Not so much the apes part though.
  • Robocop – Detroit as depicted in Robocop is a good example of how some cities where right before The Last War, corrupt, filthy, and crime ridden. Also cybernetic police officers, because why not.
  • Mad Max – The Road Warrior – Is the direct inspiration for a whole ‘class’ of character in the setting, entire nomadic tribes roam the broken highways preying on survivor settlements.
  • Waterworld – More the look of it than anything, the world is far from covered with oceans, other than oceans of the dead or course.

Radroach Radio Theatre

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