Sam “The Blood Doctor” Faulkner


A Red Cross field medic attached to the UN Peacekeeping force that was deployed along the USA/CSA border during the final months of the Last War.

On the evening of 23rd September 2081 Sam was the only member of his ambulance crew ‘lucky’ enough to be inside the shielded confines of his ambulance when the nearby city of ### was swept away beneath the skull shaped cloud of a city-buster bomb, the rest of his crew died from the blast or from the radiation soon after.

Since Judgement Day, Sam has travelled between the scattered settlements of the Wasted West in his UN Blue ambulance dispensing medical aid in exchange for supplies, and, should his machines tell him it’s good, donations of blood. Which has gained him a reputation and his rather gruesome appellation.

Sam quite regularly hires posses of brave souls to help his cross the expanses of the Wasted West should there be caravan running that way, or to help him reach valuable medical supplies inside city hospitals or other dangerous locations. He usually pays those he hires with medical treatment, and replacement of some spent ammo.

Sam “The Blood Doctor” Faulkner

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