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Something About a Sword - Episode One
Episode One

When Last We Left Our Heroes!

Our pugnacious posse protected the City O’ Gloom from a grotesque ghost rock ghost, Vrai Maltete, and the malicious mine foreman Dylan Jaeger’s maniacal machinations.
Awarded residence and citizenship of the Junkyard for their deeds, a prize that came with a hidden cost, as citizens of the Junkyard they owe a year in service to the Junkyard Militia.

Onwards to Adventure!

The Junkyard, the City of Gloom, the Iron Oasis; a last bastion of civilisation in a world destroyed, its still kind of a dump though.

It’s been three months since the posse foiled the plans of mine foreman Dylan Jaeger, the promised housing materialized in the form of apartments in one of the other Reclamation Project structures, properly known as Becket House, this apartment block has become affectionately known as The Spider’s Arms after the bar which has set up shop in the ground floor, which has a pair of colossal pedipalps displayed behind the bar like hunting trophies.

Where the Wheels Meet the Road

Welcom to the Junkyard pt.2


Random 3 chip draw.

Welcom to the Junkyard pt.1a
The GM is dozey.

Nothing much happens because the GM is not with it.


Random 3 chip draw.

Kayleigh Brown

Welcom to the Junkyard pt.1

The posse arrive at the Junkyard, and are hired by Doc Scwartz to investigate a job offered by a woman called Sidney.


Random 3 chip draw
2 white chips.

Bud Hawkings
Sherrif Hector Chandler
Thomas Adams

The Search for the Sheriff's Daughter

To tell the truth, I was glad to be out of my wet clothes and into the nice dry blackhat uniform. I hoped it didn’t suit me – although Tom and I certainly looked the part. It made a change from dressing as a down-and-out, though.

The plan was risky, although simple – infiltrate the old school building and disable the generator in the boiler room. I was reasonably confident we’d be inside and out without much trouble – as long as nobody asked any questions. I can’t speak for Tom but my knowledge of blackhat procedure is shaky, at best!

My confidence took a knock when I saw the building – they’d barricaded the two main entrances and put a trio of machine gun nests on the roof. I knew that if we were detected on the way in we were as good as dead.

I made sure not to let my fear show, however – if we were going to get in, we needed to look like we belonged. So, as confidently as we could muster, we walked in. Nobody questioned us. Better still, Tom managed to point out the boiler room swiftly and I thought that things truly would be as simple as I’d hoped – in and out, no problems.

Except there was a small problem. The door was locked and I didn’t have a key. Despite my new life in the wastes, I’m an honest scholar at heart and I didn’t have the skill to pick a lock. Tom surprised me by saying he thought he could, however. I kept the other blackhats talking – they seemed pretty keen to hurt the townsfolk – while Tom got in and turned the generator off.

The building suddenly plunged into darkness and the blackhats were concerned – I told them I’d check on the generator. They listened to me, no questions asked. I was clearly quite a convincing blackhat! I double checked with Tom how we had dealt with the generator. Apparently all the boy had thought of doing was turning it off. I figured that probably wasn’t enough – so I asked him to break it. Bless him, he looked at me pretty blankly, so I just got him to use those strong arms of his to yank a cable out or two. He came back with some pretty hefty stuff and we got out of the building as quickly as we could.

Outside in the darkness we made good our escape – Tom spotted a trapped baricade that I nearly fell afoul of – and went back to the drains. Our part was done without a hitch.

Our friends apparently had an equally successful time – although not without a couple of scares – they realised they were walking into a trap and were appropriately cautious. They needed to double check the daughter wasn’t there, though, so gave the building a good sweep.

Apparently they managed to avoid detection – a pair of guards needed to be put down though – and apart from a couple of buggies driving past they got in and out without any trouble.

We reckon the daughter must be in the school with everyone else – so that’s where we’re checking next.


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